What are your experiences with coastal decor? What’s funny to me I have just finished a piece of country decor. Now, growing up in Kentucky grouped with other experiences I wrote about, I clarified I am quite country.

What are your experiences with coastal decor?

When it comes to the decor for a coastal house, a lot of people get caught in the trap of misunderstanding it with beach influenced decoration. Although you’ll find nothing improper with nautical designed spaces, whitewashed walls and an exhibit of shells which you have discovered on the beach, coastal decorating doesn’t necessarily have to be about duplicating the beach inside your house.

Utilizing the proper components for your coastal decorating style will offer a nicely planned decorative design. And yes, this home design works flawlessly with beach themed items that help enhance the light and airy feeling of the shore. Your coastal design will have that designer look once you include a variety of matching pillows, wall art, and knick-knacks.

Utilizing the proper components for your coastal decorating style will offer a nicely planned decorative design.

Coastal decorating style

Here I am now writing about coastal decor having lived for five years and counting on the oceanfront in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. So let me switch gears here and give you some great tips about coastal decor.

First of all, avoid metal at all costs and of all kinds. Sure it will be present in some places, but you get the point. Make a point not to choose metal for your decor when possible. I don’t care what it looks like or how durable it is supposed to be.

Metal rusts, so whatever it is will years later look more like sunken treasure. Now I use those words for a reason. Are you starting to come up with a good idea in your head?

You might be able to find a way to incorporate the treasure theme into your decor, but there is a larger idea here, too. You can go with a rustic beach decor or the ‘worn’ look, chic if you will in a way.

For example, white and blue are always good colors, but you don’t want to go with royal navy blue and bright white and call yourself the skipper. Here, they toned the blue down a little and went with an off-white, almost beige color for the other part. As for the furniture, I talked to one owner, and he was going for what they call the distressed look. I call it rustic beach decor, and you can hang up a wooden sign on ropes and all kinds of cool stuff.

I like the lighthouse, too. And, I have collected plenty of shells. Those are all in the bathroom, except one huge clam shell in the living room and one jar of shells in the kitchen. I also like shark teeth. I have those in a candle holder.

One of my friends frames hers, and it makes for nice beach decor. I want to put my shark teeth in a big glass mason jar one of these days. Well, those are quite a few ideas to get you going with the right decor for your coastal property. I’ll leave you with one more tip: Go slate tile, not hardwood flooring.

Some tips

Anchors and old fishermen are a familiar appearance that is commonly associated with coastal decorating accents.

Coastal decor features an original specific style. The simple lines and bright and sunny forms allow the household furniture make a relaxing environment to your residence. Regardless of where you live, you can set up your home seem like the sea is right out of the door.

Anchors and old fishermen are a familiar appearance that is commonly associated with coastal decorating accents. This old man clothed in his rain equipment or white outfit with blue stripes can be obtained with lamps, pepper and salt shakers, wall hangings and other accessory products. This happy old man just appears to call you to revisit the beach.

If you include ferns, chiseled wooden birds, and flowers in decorative accents you will have additional feelings of the coast. It is best to obtain items that work well with your general design theme. Try not to develop a too diversified look in your selections or the mood you are going for may become watered down.

For a coastal themed space, stripes are the fabric to choose. But, maintain the stripes sparse to avoid the area from becoming messy. When overdoing it with this type of objects, your home in many cases can receive the look of being too chaotic.

Choosing the best household goods to provide charm to your interior decorating can be entertaining. Also, they help pull the space together. To provide a mood to your coastline decor, it is best to decide on accents that have a light and airy sensation. You can impress your pattern to the design process by obtaining knick knacks that reflect your style.

One more piece you could utilize to provide appeal to your style is decorative pillows. They may be exciting to buy, and you may adorn with them generally in most rooms. In the sleeping quarters, match them to your design theme but choose patterns and fabrics that are different from the main matching component.

Pillows on the seats or sofas in your living area, den or lounge room can help give a small bit of the coastline decor experience. In the kitchen area or bathroom, an attractive pillow put in carefully on a chair or basket will add an appealing touch. For this embellishing style, pillows that are in blues and whites will appear the most effective.

Coastal decor is designed to take your worries away to make life easier, in the same way, it is on the beach. Pieces of furniture and coastal interior decorating products are accessible that can modify a house in the wilderness right into a coastline getaway. These home decor products offer images of beach balls and palms which help us keep in mind that life can be more relaxed.