Tuscan Design

The term Tuscany decor brings up pictures of old-world design with warmer earth hues, beautiful floor tiles, stucco and Mediterranean type household furniture. Even though the design calls forth an old and time-worn environment, this kind of yesteryear decor is certainly not outmoded.

The stylish and sophisticated Tuscan decors for home come from Tuscany in Italy, one of the most traditional and delightful locations in the world. This area is also the source of the Renaissance period and was the homeland for Dante, Michaelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci. The Florence Duomo cathedral and the leaning tower of Pisa, a well known Italian old building can be found here. It is not surprising if the Tuscan decor is quite popular in the whole world.

Tuscan decorating

delightful views of the Italian landscapes, the Tuscan decor is a charming choice

The premise of Tuscan design is the employing of natural colors like ochre, brick and olive and deep green. Those colors illustrate the life of Tuscany, having the rich farm fields of fertile earth, the olive plants and poplars, and the stucco shades of the houses. In Tuscan design, intense colors are combined with moderate beiges and yellows to create a beautifully variegated color scheme. The paintings that represent the region will have wonderful terraces of green fields, covered with poplars and scattered with small Tuscan farmhouses in the natural hues of the area.

Presenting the extensive historical background and delightful views of the Italian landscapes, the Tuscan decor is a charming choice for getting a feeling of old-fashioned appeal and natural charm into your house. If you dislike rigid, exaggerated designing and you wish to create a comfortable, lived-in sense of your home, you can’t simply make a mistake with the Tuscan decor. Highlighting warm tones, organic materials, and uncomplicated details, Tuscan designing offers convenience, simplicity, and tranquility.

  • Practical home furniture with an expression of solidity; traditional finishes and textures
  • Proper utilization of the elements – stone, wood, and light
  • Warm, nature driven, color scheme
  • Straightforward, clean spaces without over the top or exaggerated decoration.

Tuscan style is made to be colorful, given that area of central Italy we know of to be a creative epicenter for traditions, and the way people lived united with the earth. Decorations colors depend on earth shades. Toscana terrain is brownish, rich, with olive trees, evergreens, and crops. Therefore, the colors olive, brown and green are an aspect of the primary colors. Brick red and beige noticed like old stucco consist of the accent color. The trend of decorative accents and paintings are basic scenery or landscape that represent the beauty of nature.


Tuscan furniture can be quite large

As mostly with the Mediterranean home decor, Tuscan furniture can be quite large for many people preferences. You should make use of heavy wood furniture having a bending toward ancient times. Large bulky components are usually what goes best with this particular style. Not very elaborate though however with the optimal measure of style.

Furniture pieces and decorative accents imitate the architecture of this area of Italy which happens to be identifiable by its natural colors and rustic style. Since the location around Florence, very well recognized for its art, the famous artworks of the Renaissance are also regarded as an integral part of this design. This mixture of “rustic” and “artistic” shows the originality and beauty of the decorating style.

There is undoubtedly more to it than simply purchasing Tuscan furniture and decorative accents since it is the way in which you present it and then make the use of it that matters. You can find a vast range to pick from when considering Tuscan decor and it can often be a little challenging about what to choose. Wood is the essential material employed to make Tuscan furniture and some standard options include:-

  • Chestnut
  • Cypress
  • Fir
  • Poplar


tuscan kitchen

Most likely among the most popular areas for Italian decor is the kitchen. The natural textures and colors of the stone and old world kitchen cabinets turn this into an ideal place for Tuscan decoration. The kitchen style instantly summons images of Italy and sunlight and warmth. These types of images are merely what you should think about when creating an excellent Tuscan kitchen design.

The primary style of such a kitchen could differ, but in any part, it should have a sensation of distinctiveness when considering appearance. Common home appliances such as a cooker, refrigerator and stoves can be spruced up in such a manner that may cause it to seem more classical.

The natural textures and colors of the stone and old world kitchen cabinets turn this into an ideal place for Tuscan decoration

The Tuscan kitchen demonstrates its originality with regards to the floors, walls, home furniture, kitchen cabinetry and the kitchen sink. In connection with flooring, they prefer terracotta tiles, hard ceramic and marble stone. Walls are colored with brown and bright yellow colors which create its beauty. Every single object that will get put into such kitchen has to be quite imaginative and should have a very natural look.

The kitchen is usually clutter free considering that the families are great at food preparation and they enjoy having everyone assisting in the kitchen space. With plenty of mess, this could simply not be doable.

Tuscan style designing enables the kitchen area to appear attractive and warm. Getting its creativity from the Italian Renaissance, this style of decorating is quite an easy task to get it done.

In general a Tuscan design kitchen is not awkward to accomplish, and you may make just small modifications if you do not have the available funds to build larger ones; in either case, you will come up with a more pleasing environment. It is possible to complete the appearance with real Italian cooking eating utensils and small gold colored decorations too.